Time flies

I was born in 1974 in Florence in "Villa delle Rose" clinic and the first 13 years of my life I lived in Florence borough Gavinana. At that time life was only about school, friends, and soccer. At 13 years old I moved to Prato, a little town close to Florence where, I dropped out of high school after the first year and I started working in a bakery. I started practicing new hobbies like organizing parties and public relations for the most popular clubs in town. Before getting into the army, an allergy to flour made me leaving the job at the bakery, and I started working at the power station of a leader textile factory in Prato.
Being in such technological environment made me desiring to go back studying and in 1995 I started electronic and telecommunication high school program as a part time student. During my free time, I enjoyed running and kick boxing. At the end of high school, motivated by positive results I enrolled to Florence University attending the three years program as bachelor in mechanical engineering. In the meantime I left the extensive hours job at the power station and started working at General Electric. After graduating, realizing how competitive was the job market, I decided to enroll in the 2-year program at Florence University for a master in energy. A trip in the United States combined with an ambitious attitude made me considering the possibility of quitting the job at GE, seeking a foreign experience.


Locations were selected considering good opportunities, reasonable journey to get home once in a while, and good universities to apply for an MBA. On May 2005 I left Italy to start my new challenge in New York, where I received a job opportunity with an international freight forwarding company. Later on, after completing GMAT / TOEFL exams, I've been accepted at Hofstra University  for an MBA (Finance major). On September 1st 2007, I married Catia at Incisa in val d'Arno city hall. I graduated  from Hofstra on May 18, 2008. On January 23rd, 2011 I had my first baby girl Nise and on September 28, 2013 Ida, my second daughter was born. What will be next?..